Helping adults, children and young people
    cope with bereavement
Adult's service:   07827 491902
Children's Service:   07827 492158

In order to provide this free service, we rely heavily on help from both individuals and organisations. If you think you can help in any way please Contact Us.

As an Individual...

We are always grateful for your donations. In addition, we need volunteers to help us with:

  • Fund Raising: If you are able to help with this is any way please let us know.
  • Training: Do you have counselling qualifications, or can you offer support as a listener?
  • Management Committee: Do you have specialist knowledge, e.g. finance, fundraising, legal, child protection?

"It was
very helpful to
have the support
and someone to talk
things over

As a Company...

We like to work closely with our corporate supporters and will help you organise your fundraising events and ensure you receive maximum publicity opportunities. Ideas for support include:

  • Adopt us as your Charity of the Year and we will help plan fundraising activities that can involve your employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Make a company donation (which is tax deductible).
  • Organise an event. We can help with ideas to suit your company profile.
  • Donate resources or facilities.

As a School or Community Group...

As we provide services to pupils of local schools and colleges, it is wonderful to encourage the young people to support a charity that helps their peer group. Why not put on a fundraising event for us and we will also come into your school/college and talk to your students?

Perhaps your community group would like a speaker from our charity to give a talk, and maybe encourage your members to support us. Your group could put on fundraising events, take part in sponsored challenges, or offer volunteers.