Helping adults, children and young people
    cope with bereavement
Adult's service:   07827 491902
Children's Service:   07827 492158

What Is Bereavement?

Bereavement is the loss of someone. Grief is the process we go through as a result of bereavement. We all experience grief differently and usually go through various stages of emotional reaction. Recovering from bereavement takes time, eventually we adjust to life without the special person. This is a natural process and often counselling is helpful.

Counselling is a one to one relationship which offers listening, empathy and unconditional emotional support.

"I feel better
having had the
counselling sessions, but
now realise that the death
of my husband will
take some time to
get over."

How Does Counselling Help?

Counselling gives time and space for someone to express their feelings in a safe and accepting environment. Exploring a person's reactions to bereavement often helps to bring a clearer understanding and enable them to live with their loss. We offer individual counselling to adults in their own homes. Our service is free, confidential and provided by trained counsellors.

Children and young people (aged 3-18 years) often find it hard to cope with family, school and friends after losing someone very important to them. Our counsellors offer group sessions or one to one support. In these situations it is possible to express any of the feelings which are being experienced and gradually find a way of managing them. We provide a separate room for carers or parents where you can enjoy a coffee whilst finding out about the childrens' group activities.

If you would like our support, please Contact Us. A Counsellor will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a visit.